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   Friday, March 19, 2004  
   it must be the whiskey talkin'
I got my first proper bribe today - a bottle of Jim Beam. I'd already been sent the Lucky Jim album and liked it a lot, but with some gentle nudging, the free whiskey was mine. More fool them! I hope this is coming out of Skint Records' money rather than the band's advance!
   posted by cow tipper at 10:25 PM

   Tuesday, March 09, 2004  
   adie gets writer's block

Urghghghh... So, I tried to phone in 'sick' at work today. This might've had something to do with me consuming more drinks than I should last night, getting home to download emails and rant at people on MSN till 3am, and then not wake up in time in the morning. But the work phones just rang out twice, so I expect I'll now get a bollocking tomorrow for not phoning in.

I thought I'd spend today catching up on all the live, album, demo and single reviews I'm supposed to have done before the PR people kick me off their mailing lists and the unsigned bands start to hate me (more). First attempt at a review today looks like a load of student journalism crap, so I'm scrapping it and starting from scratch. ARGH!! More coffee is needed, it seems. I'm only on my first cup, which is very unlike me usually by this time of day.

It's not all doom and gloom though: managed to book the mighty Art Brut for a gig at the end of May, so the lineup for that is now Art Brut, Plans & Apologies and Cayto. Most excellent.
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   Sunday, March 07, 2004  
   bloody students

Excerpt from an MSN conversation.

fight? says:
do you know anything about franco-british foreign policy towards germany 1947-55?
adie says:
yeh, loads
adie says:
adie says:
fight? says:
oh right. well, im stuck. DO you know what Bevins policy about the Rhineland and sarr?
adie says:
i have no idea what that means
fight? says:
fight? says:
i kinda do. but im missing vital information
adie says:
such as
fight? says:
the start, middle and end parts
adie says:
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   Wednesday, March 03, 2004  
   fountains fotos

This will crush my Geocities bandwith but there are now 19 Fountains Of Wayne photos uploaded, which I took at the Glasgow Garage on Monday night. They're my favouritist band evah, so I reserve the right to be self-indulgent. :-P
   posted by cow tipper at 3:58 PM

   email weirdness pt 2


Dear Crisis,
We are now offering the first and best Darkness tribute act, The Lightness.
Guaranteed to pack your venue at very reasonable cost, we`ll even throw in a support act. Go on you know it makes sense, give us a call.

Tony Goodwin (T.A.G. Artists)
   posted by cow tipper at 3:54 PM


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