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   Tuesday, April 12, 2005  
   whoops, been slacking again
These aren't laid out properly (and I really need to redesign the photo pages anyway)...

Apartment @ The Bull & Gate (Jan)
Boy Kill Boy @ The Bull & Gate (Jan)
iLIKETRAINS @ The Marquee (Jan)
Battle @ The Marquee (Jan)
Kano @ The Marquee (Jan)
The Last Great Wilderness @ The Water Rats (Jan)
Editors @ The Water Rats (Jan)

Please note also that the Art Brut videos below are no longer online as I needed to remove them to make room for other stuff. Which is coming soon. Probably. Whatever it is.
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   Monday, December 06, 2004  
   first update in 4 months

OK, I've been slacking again.

New updates.

The Pipettes at the Barfly.
Reuben at Virgin Megastore.
Rhesus at Amersham Arms.
Fickle Public at 93 Feet East.

And finally, Alan from The Rakes sings Britney in Brighton. Not so cool NOW, are you Alan? ;-)

   posted by cow tipper at 5:42 PM

   Wednesday, August 04, 2004  
   jesus christ! a different band!

Allllllllllrighty there. Some photos of Fruitbat's band Abdoujaparov, taken at the Buffalo Bar last week.
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   Tuesday, August 03, 2004  
   yes, them again...

Art Brut backstage and onstage at Aldershot's West End Centre. Feat Alex Wisgard standing in for Ian on lead guitar + Paul ex-Ten Benson (as The Driver), Caroline (as The Roadie), and Hayley (as The Superfan)... plus a couple of DIY Cravings in the background in one piccie and a member of WEC staff. We liked it there.
   posted by cow tipper at 1:27 PM

   Monday, August 02, 2004  
   even more art brut

So I went to see Abdoujaparov at the Buffalo Bar last week. The support band Swound sadly pulled out, so Eddie Argos decided that 'Art Brut 10' should form for a one-off. He'd been drinking since midday... view the results here. I ALSO GOT VIDEO FOOTAGE. My camera only has a 30 second limit, so alas no full tunes...
Formed A Band (pt 1)
Formed A Band (pt 2)
Top Of The Pops
I Wanna Be Johnny Dean

Temporarily off-line.
   posted by cow tipper at 2:02 PM

   Thursday, July 29, 2004  
   warehouse parties are cool

Photos of The Rakes! Lots of them!! Taken at 'Cazal Aid' in an E1 warehouse. It was hot. More from that to come...
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   Monday, July 19, 2004  
   and there's more

More Art Brut pics: firstly a couple from the gig with Prozak and a bunch more from the video shoot for 'Modern Art' (due to be their next single). Also, shots of Paper Cuts (Ross Symposium's new band) taken at their support to Jetplane Landing in Kingston.
   posted by cow tipper at 2:19 PM

   slack slack slack

Gracious... I'm getting really crap at this. ANYWAY, lots of photos on my computer here, just haven't had chance to sort them out and upload. First of the batch is Prozak at their 'guerilla gig' in the singer's dad's office, when their Paradise Bar gig fell through...

More to come!
   posted by cow tipper at 1:26 PM

   Thursday, June 24, 2004  
   baby owl

London Zoo - June 26th 2004

:-D :-D
   posted by cow tipper at 6:27 PM

   Wednesday, May 26, 2004  
   art brut - top of the pops!

OK, not taken at Top Of The Pops (cos, well, they haven't been on yet), but here they are - Art Brut last night at the Dublin Castle. Their first gig there. Awww.
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   Monday, May 03, 2004  
   we will be pilots

OK, first new pics in ages. A little blurry and over-exposed and I didn't really get any good ones of our =pw= (bassist). Bleh. Anyway, here they are: We Will Be Pilots.
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   Saturday, April 24, 2004  
   and the winner is...

Not been taking pics recently, to be honest. Not updated this in a while so I thought I'd add the Top 10 Most Viewed Photos. Here's the list of bands on this site who've had the most hits.

1. Fightstar
2. Dogs Die In Hot Cars
3. Icarus Line
4. yourcodenameis:milo
5. Span
6. Oceansize
7. Redjetson
8. Ludes
9. British Sea Power
10. Jane's Addiction
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   Friday, March 19, 2004  
   it must be the whiskey talkin'

I got my first proper bribe today - a bottle of Jim Beam. I'd already been sent the Lucky Jim album and liked it a lot, but with some gentle nudging, the free whiskey was mine. More fool them! I hope this is coming out of Skint Records' money rather than the band's advance!
   posted by cow tipper at 10:25 PM

   Tuesday, March 09, 2004  
   adie gets writer's block

Urghghghh... So, I tried to phone in 'sick' at work today. This might've had something to do with me consuming more drinks than I should last night, getting home to download emails and rant at people on MSN till 3am, and then not wake up in time in the morning. But the work phones just rang out twice, so I expect I'll now get a bollocking tomorrow for not phoning in.

I thought I'd spend today catching up on all the live, album, demo and single reviews I'm supposed to have done before the PR people kick me off their mailing lists and the unsigned bands start to hate me (more). First attempt at a review today looks like a load of student journalism crap, so I'm scrapping it and starting from scratch. ARGH!! More coffee is needed, it seems. I'm only on my first cup, which is very unlike me usually by this time of day.

It's not all doom and gloom though: managed to book the mighty Art Brut for a gig at the end of May, so the lineup for that is now Art Brut, Plans & Apologies and Cayto. Most excellent.
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   Sunday, March 07, 2004  
   bloody students

Excerpt from an MSN conversation.

fight? says:
do you know anything about franco-british foreign policy towards germany 1947-55?
adie says:
yeh, loads
adie says:
adie says:
fight? says:
oh right. well, im stuck. DO you know what Bevins policy about the Rhineland and sarr?
adie says:
i have no idea what that means
fight? says:
fight? says:
i kinda do. but im missing vital information
adie says:
such as
fight? says:
the start, middle and end parts
adie says:
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   Wednesday, March 03, 2004  
   fountains fotos

This will crush my Geocities bandwith but there are now 19 Fountains Of Wayne photos uploaded, which I took at the Glasgow Garage on Monday night. They're my favouritist band evah, so I reserve the right to be self-indulgent. :-P
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   email weirdness pt 2


Dear Crisis,
We are now offering the first and best Darkness tribute act, The Lightness.
Guaranteed to pack your venue at very reasonable cost, we`ll even throw in a support act. Go on you know it makes sense, give us a call.

Tony Goodwin (T.A.G. Artists)
   posted by cow tipper at 3:54 PM

   Friday, February 27, 2004  
   the supernaturals do teen porn

Sent to Drowned In Sound about an hour ago...

From: Richard Walledge
Sent: 27 February 2004 20:47
To: Sean Adams
Subject: Supernaturals

Hi there,

I see your link to the Official Supernaturals page is in fact a teen porn link.

Perhaps you might add the link below? Thanks for your time,



The Original Supernaturals Fan-page:
Now with news about James' new band!

Hehehehe. Oops. So that's what happens to official band websites when their domain name dies....
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   hail caesar! photos

"Worst. Gig. Ever." says their frontman, Vic Galloway. But hey! Some of the photos don't look too bad.
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   Thursday, February 26, 2004  

It had to happen sooner or later - some unknown band has covered Fountains of Wayne's 'Stacy's Mom' and it's ALMOST IDENTICAL to the original.... oh, apart from the fact they've called it 'Stacy's Dad', and changed the lyrics. Download it now!
   posted by cow tipper at 10:58 PM

   tanks are cool

We all know war and killing is bad and stuff but tanks are really cool. Well, today I was shoved on a new project at work (market research hell) for the publishers of defence, erm, publications. One is titled 'The Mass Casulty Handbook'. Other joys are 'Explosive Ordnance Disposal', 'Chem-Bio Handbook: 2nd Edition', 'Unconventional Weapons Response Handbook' and so on. All cheery stuff, as you can imagine.

There was a slight moment of horror when the autodialler rang somebody called Tony Wilson. What would Tony Wilson be doing reading defence manuals and guidebooks? Perhaps he needed the 'Mass Casulty Handbook' to help mop up the debris from Factory (no Ian Curtis jokes, please). Perhaps the staff of Granada TV would 'unexpectedly' be wiped out by some bio chemicals. Perhaps he was looking at buying a big tank.

I was quite relieved, then, when I realised the dialler had rung some bloke at some company that does whatever in Portsmouth, not Manchester. So that was OK. He still didn't do the interview though, so fuck him.

In my rage, I went to the Chatteris in Shoreditch and had two pints for lunch.
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   i think it's working now

Right. Somebody leave a comment then.
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   you're a demanding lot

So, how the fuck do I get a comments box on this thing?
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   Tuesday, February 24, 2004  
   happy burfday, the panda

On Feb 24th, 1994, Fierce Panda records released their first thingy, 'Shagging In The Streets' EP. That's 10 (TEN) years ago. Happy anniversary, Fierce Panda. :)
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   Friday, February 20, 2004  
   today's best band name is...

... Fuck Off Machete. The cover of their CD, 'My First Machete', also features a bloke holding - yes! - a fuck off machete. Check 'em out.
   posted by cow tipper at 11:21 AM

   i sometimes honour requests

This is for Manga.

I sometimes split infinities too.
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Oh, and DiS wasn't in the 'Culture' section, it was in the 'Review' section. Duh. My mother has sent me a copy. The screen shot has my Franz review. Yay! Mother is pretending she knows what "solipsistic" means. I do not for one second believe her.
   posted by cow tipper at 10:13 AM


I could rant and rave about how great last night's sold-out Span/Bloc Party/Kill Kenada gig was (click the links for pics!), but I think I'll turn it into a review instead.

One thing though: to the rude young lady at the front who spoke to me - learn some manners.
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   Thursday, February 19, 2004  

Last night I saw the drummer, Dave, from The Stills walk into the ladies toilets in the 100 Club.
And one of the singer blokes from BRMC was wanding around on his own, looking a little lost.
And the singer bloke from The Open told the audience to "shut the fuck up". Rude little boy.
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   Monday, February 16, 2004  
   dis in yesterday's sunday times 'culture' section shocker

Four stars
For any rock misfit searching for an alternative to the mainstream music press, immersion in Drowned in Sound (DiS) is a must. Evolved from The Last Resort webzine, it is studiedly lo-fi, so navigation is a breeze, and each story is accompanied by links to similar news, reviews and features. Some of the writing is breathless enough to have come straight from the mosh pit, hopelessly solipsistic and frequently incomprehensible. What sets the site apart is the rabid activism of the DiS community: each story is followed by relevant postings from the e-zine's message-board heart. Whether contributors are trying to remember the NME's rating out of 10 for Radiohead's Kid A or discussing the latest offering from Courtney Love, temperatures run higher than at the average sweaty gig, so expect to take a stand and fight for it.
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   Sunday, February 15, 2004  
   hollyoaks = crapbasket

Well, Gordon Cunningham - aka. Mr C - has been killed off in Hollyoaks. I am very unimpressed. Much of the series of late seems to have been set in a hospital (Ellie on recovery, Mr C's heart attack, thingy wotsit about to give birth, and now this). Perhaps the cost of using the hospital set was so high, they had to get their money's worth. Hiss!
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   Saturday, February 14, 2004  

Photos are back. Erm, yes. Woo!
   posted by cow tipper at 7:46 PM


Oops, photos are temporarily down because I've exceeded my bandwith on Geocities.
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   "we're so less gay than razorlight"

Zac from Special Needs has responded to my review of their single.

"We are SO less gay than Razorlight.
When we played them at football on Brighton beach a few weeks ago, they didn't like it up 'em.
Wait a second that could be misconstrued to suggest someting else.
Oh who cares anyway...

Zac Needs xxx"

So that's that sorted, then!
   posted by cow tipper at 3:06 PM

   Friday, February 13, 2004  
   more from metro

Oh yes, and photos of Unit On and Brigade are up as well (from the same gig). Will Simpson - ie. Charlie fae Busted's big brother - is in both these bands... (and rather good they are too)
   posted by cow tipper at 6:30 PM

   yes, most of them are of charlie

Fightstar photos now up! Enjoy.
   posted by cow tipper at 5:38 PM

   back to normality

Yo! So, the rest of my week has looked like this: Tuesday - Kaiser Chiefs at Archway Tavern, Wednesday - a bunch of bands at Metro, Thursday - Death Cab For Cutie at ULU, Friday - I think I'll stay in tonight and watch Friends.
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   Tuesday, February 10, 2004  
   what is this fresh madness?

More fun 'n' games from the land of music publishing.

A Very Large Record Company has pulled an interview one of 'our' writers was due to do with one of their much-hyped new bands, which had been arranged via an independent PR company. Apparently said record label issue journalists with a 3-page contract saying what they can or can't talk about in interviews, and the contract is being rewritten and won't be finished until the end of the week, so we can't talk to any of their bands until then. I wonder if they realise said band did an interview via email for us a while back. Hmm.

Yesterday, for an unrelated label, I got told off for arranging an interview with a band that wasn't done by the band's PR company, but by the band's manager instead. Hmm.

Tonight, a few DiS writers will gather together to discuss a big article idea for the DiS printed magazine, which is making a comeback. So that's quite good then.
   posted by cow tipper at 12:49 PM


No Franz Ferdinand photos, cos I couldn't get anywhere near them at HMV. And the security are cocks. One girl was threatended with being "ejected" because she picked up a CD to read the tracklisting. "YOU'RE HERE AS GUESTS, NOT SHOPPERS!" he shouted. Knobend.
   posted by cow tipper at 1:39 AM

   Monday, February 09, 2004  
   new photos!

Chris T-T and Ormondroyd from the Last Band Standing Xmas Party 2003. Preston from The Ordinary Boys posing at a house party at nu year. The Needles and Karmakops rock at 93 Feet East, while 679 Recordings' M.Craft erm, play stuff.
   posted by cow tipper at 12:16 AM


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